TAB Coffee House

by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

It's not peculiar to walk into TAB Coffee House only to be met by the stirring sounds of conversation, laughter from one table over as a new champion emerges from a sociable card game, and music flowing from the corner where some students from the nearby high school have planted themselves with at least one person holding a guitar or ukulele in hand. It’s there, with coffee fumes filling the air and brownies slowly disappearing from the dessert platter on the counter, where you can find the rawest of interactions between The Awakening Base staff and all of their newfound friends from the community who are drawn in for another day of caffeine and companionship.


TAB Coffee House, found on the ground level of The Awakening International Training Base in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary, first opened in March 2018 and is currently ran by The Awakening’s base staff Krisztina Révész and Justin Long, along with various Awakening interns learning, training, and ministering on site.


One of the Coffee House’s largest functional advantages, perhaps, is its location in proximity to the town’s high school situated directly across the street. When The Awakening Base first opened and the team started teaching English in the school, they knew it was only a matter of time until the Coffee House became a safe place for teenagers to come get an after school treat.


“Our priority is to provide a space for the students where relationships can be formed between themselves and with us,” Justin said of the Coffee House. “We aim to be a safe space for anyone who needs it.”


The Coffee House provides just that as its open doors invite people in for not only the everyday coffee breaks, but for movie nights, paint nights, game nights, and cookouts. Through such events and continual relationship building, a bridge has been built between the community and the local church as the team has seen students from the high school begin attending church and even volunteering to help with different ministry opportunities such as kids camps.


Through the simple offer of sharing a coffee or a sweet treat, the team in Hungary has been able to not only minister to a community, but they’ve been entrusted to minister from within as they take the time to just sit down and talk, answer questions, and share the truth of the gospel.


“The Students ask us about Christ and the gospel and what it means to be a Christian because they see that we are sincere and that we value our friendships with them,” Justin said. “The Coffee House has afforded us the chance to put the time in and become friends and family rather than just missionaries and ministers. The gospel is relational, and that’s what we aim to be in the TAB Coffee House also.”

by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication