He's Still Faithful

A New Semester at TAB Coffee House

by Justin Long, Hungary Base Staff

When I think of the TAB Coffeehouse and the students who come, the one word that most often comes to mind is “family.” Cliche, I know, but what else could compel us to not only be outside the high school before first period on the first day of the semester to hand out brownies, coffee, and coupons, but to even be excited for it? It can only be the love that you have for family.

New semesters always bring with them a lot of questions. Will the seniors who graduated last year still come to hang out with us? Will all of our regulars still be regulars? Will new students come? How do we continue to make this a place where students don’t just come for coffee and a snack, but they also come for relationships with us and one another? Do I remember how to make the brownies exactly how the students like them?

This year it has been easy to doubt anything and everything. But the one thing that can’t be doubted is God’s faithfulness. He was faithful to bring enough students last year that we had to expand the coffeeshop in January. He was faithful to fill the coffeeshop with even more students after the expansion, so much so that we were running out of chairs. He was faithful to bring students in the midst of chaos after the quarantine was lifted in Hungary. Why would He stop being faithful now?

After our fourth day of coffeeshop this semester, we have had to buy more cups because we have had so many students come in that we are already running out. We have had fourteen new students come in who had never been before. We have had conversations about who God is to us, what the most important thing in our lives is, and who we most admire. We’ve been asked why we aren’t open on Friday’s, because they want to come every day they can. After four days.

God is faithful beyond what we can imagine.

This year has revealed that there is a lot less that we can be certain about than we believed. But, it has also revealed that God’s faithfulness is steadfast. This semester promises to be one unlike any before for us. And I know, when I pray for the coffeeshop and the students, I can agree with the Psalmist and say with confidence, “Your faithfulness endures to all generations.”

by Justin Long, Hungary Base Staff