Justin Long – Newly Approved Missionary

by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

On Friday, Oct. 16, Justin Long was officially approved and commissioned as an IPHC Missionary by the World Missions Council.


While his first mission trip took place in Nicaragua at the age of 17, followed by a trip the next year to Tibet, Justin says his first step into missions as a career happened later after he fully committed his life to Christ at the age of 21. It was then that Justin knew he was going to serve in full-time ministry and that missions would be where he would best serve.


“Soon after my commitment, I was praying in my bedroom one day under my world map and felt God placing Kazakhstan on my heart. Since then, God has given me a heart for all of Central Asia,” he said.


It was then at Emmanuel College where Justin connected with IPHC workers in Turkey. After plans to participate in the Discipleship Beyond program fell through due to poor relations between the United States and Turkey, it became clear that God had another idea.


“I spoke with Pastor Cofer (Steve Cofer, IPHC World Missions Ministries’ Director of Missionary Care) and Pastor Linwood (Linwood Berry, IPHC Missionary to Spain and The Mediterranean Regional Director) and they both recommended that I do The Awakening’s Summer Internship,” Justin said. “I did my internship in the summer of 2018, where I was connected with many incredible people serving throughout the world, and I visited Hungary for the first time. As soon as I returned home from the Summer Internship, I applied to work at the base in Hungary. 11 months later, I moved to the base in Szigetszentmiklós where I have served for 15 months now.”


Since serving in Hungary under On My Way and then as a short-term missionary, Justin has experienced an extension of that same ministry burden for the Balkans and for Eastern Europe as well.  


As he is serving in Hungary, Justin believes the Lord will continue to use him to reach the students and young adults he’s become surrounded by through serving at The Awakening Base Coffee House. And, as he continues building connections within surrounding countries, he also believes that God will use him in areas that are more hostile towards the Gospel.


“I believe that God will one day use me to take the Gospel to people who have never heard the name of Jesus,” Justin said.

You can give to Justin's missionary support account here.

- by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

"It has been an absolute joy to walk alongside Justin through the different stages of his preparation for missionary service! Even during his time as an intern we could see the Lord's hand upon him as well as his resolute determination to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth. He has excelled in his assignments in the On My Way programs and STM programs and we know that the best of his life and ministry is yet to come! He carries unreached people groups in his heart and the good news will reach some of the most difficult places due to the faithful service of this man."

- Max Barroso, Director of The Awakening

Interested in Missions?

Here's what Justin says:

"For me, missions really comes down to love: love for God - to obey His command to take the Gospel to the nations, and love for people - not wanting them to live and die without knowing Christ. And so, the call of missions can look like a realization that there are millions of people every day who live and die without knowing the Savior. Many of whom have either never heard the Gospel at all or have heard or experienced a false version of the Gospel. God can use anybody to spread the Gospel to other parts of the world. Jesus didn't give any qualifiers when He gave the Great Commission. If you feel any sort of pulling or interest in missions, talk to your pastor or church leaders and find out how you can get involved in a missions trip, or reach out to The Awakening to find out how you can get involved."