SEND Week at Holmes Bible College, 2020

by Isaac Meza, Senior at Holmes Bible College

"You must cultivate a missionary heart versus a heart for missions."

"People; they are the mission–they are not projects, they are people."

"When was the last time you prayed to be the answer to someone else's prayer?"

"Jesus called people who were already active."

These were some of the words that had the most impact for me during SEND Week at Holmes Bible College. I am a senior now, and missions week has always been the most special time of the school year. I leave feeling so refreshed and realigned with God's plan of expanding His kingdom throughout the world. This year, I was humbled, challenged, and encouraged as I heard the stories from the missionaries that came to speak. My perspective toward the work of missions was strengthened as I heard about the 2 billion people that are still yet to hear the gospel. Undoubtedly, God's heart is for the nations and I am joyful at the thought that I can play a part in expanding His kingdom. 

Max Barroso, director of The Awakening, explained the importance of having a missionary heart, not just a heart for missions. I was reminded about the importance of cultivating a missionary lifestyle. It is about living life on mission, rather than having a heart for mission trips and evangelistic events. Along with this, my perspective about ministry was brought back to the place where I must guard against seeing people as "projects". People are the mission. 

I was challenged by the thought of praying to be the answer to other people's prayers. I cannot remember the last time I have prayed this way. I was convicted about this and it is something that I have added in my prayer journal. 

Above all, I was convicted about being passive in sharing the gospel with lost people in my current sphere of influence. In Bible school, it is easy to develop the mentality that I will be more active once I graduate from school and go on into "ministry". But the truth is, if I am not being active now, what makes me think I will suddenly become more active later? I can remember seasons in my life when I had greater passion and zeal for sharing the gospel with people who had never heard. Missions week helped bring me back to having greater compassion for the lost because I was able to capture more of God's heart for the nations. God's will is for all to be saved. this is where I want my treasure to be–bringing lost people to Christ.

There was also a warning given to not confuse passion with impulse. In events such as these, I think it can be easy to want to go and reach all the unreached nations. I certainly do. As I heard the speakers tell their stories and mention the need for missionaries around the world, I did feel a big desire to want to go to all the unreached nations, especially Spain. However, I am not sure where the Lord will lead me upon graduation, but I am excited to play my part in expanding the Kingdom of God through the IPHC wherever that may be. 

Lastly, I believe that missions week had a strong impact on the student-body at Holmes. I got together with a group of students for coffee a few days later. We all shared how our lives were impacted and it was encouraging to see how God is moving in the hearts of the students at Holmes so that we can engrain God's expressed heart for the nations into our own hearts.

- by Isaac Meza, Senior at Holmes Bible College