Summer Internship 2019

by Lauren Lawrence, 2019 Summer Intern

This summer I had the opportunity to travel with The Awakening Summer Internship on a two-month journey to Oklahoma City, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary, and Malta. We focused on evangelizing and serving the communities that we went to. The experiences I had in these two months were unforgettable. 

We started in Mexico where we helped a church called Iglesia El Shadai with street evangelism and community outreach. We were able to pass out meals to immigrants in a park, patients’ families at a low-income hospital, and patients at drug rehabilitation facilities. The people there were amazing and so welcoming! I felt so loved while in Mexico.


In Costa Rica we had the opportunity to lead two youth groups on mission trips and lead a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for a small church in the mountains of the Salitre Reservation, Costa Rica. My faith was ultimately stretched while being there because I was asked to speak to the children at VBS and to the adults about leading a kids’ ministry. This gave me confidence to be able to share my faith with others for the remainder of the trip. It was also stretched because back home in the U.S. my family was dealing with the sudden loss of a young family member. This happening while I was thousands of miles away pushed me to a new level of intimacy with and trust in God. I had to rely so much on Him to take care of my family back home and strengthen me to do His work every day despite the flood of my emotions at that time. It also led me to gain a new perspective of allowing God to show me what I needed to lay down at His feet in order to walk in the freedom He has given me.

Our next stop was Hungary. While there, we met up with the International Base interns and attended workshops. From there, we went to Malta to lead a youth retreat and do street evangelism. Malta was absolutely beautiful, and the work God did there in the lives of others and my own life still amazes me! I was able to pray over complete strangers - a confidence I gained while in Costa Rica - and demonstrate God’s love through this and serving the youth from churches around Malta. It was an incredible experience and a great way to end our journey around the world.

I never expected this summer to be so huge and life-changing, but God did a work in my heart and allowed me to experience so much of His presence. I am so thankful for The Awakening and the opportunities that I have been given through them to go and minister to the least, the last, and the lost.

by Lauren Lawrence, OKC 2019 Summer Intern