The Dunlaps – Newly Approved Missionaries

by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

On Friday, Oct. 16, Chris and Alicia Dunlap appeared virtually before the World Missions Council and officially received their approval and commission as IPHC Missionaries.


The call to missions, though now realized as a joint ministry for the Dunlaps, first began for them individually. For Chris, it was after high school following a trip to Nicaragua. “On that trip to Nicaragua, I began to experience what it means to love people who are so drastically different on the surface but so similar on the inside,” he said. “I knew from those moments in Nicaragua that missions could be something I could do long term. Through some confirmations in my own life, I began to see God’s blessing cover my steps as I explored my call to missions.”


For Alicia, she first felt the Lord’s call when she was in the 6th grade. “A missionary had come to our church and at the end of service he called all of the children up to pray over them. During his prayer he said, ‘There are missionaries in this group.’ I held onto that desire and calling, and in 2014, as a senior in high school, God opened the door for me to travel to Haiti for the first time,” she said. “From that moment on, I knew that God was calling me into missions full-time. The joy, passion, and freedom in Christ that I felt serving in Haiti and in other nations I’ve traveled to continued to drive me toward stepping into this call from God.”


As Chris and Alicia began and have continued in missions leading up to their first full-time assignment, they’ve experienced a journey where learning and growth has become a welcomed continuation of the process. Short-term trips, ministry opportunities, and their everyday lives were turned into training grounds with lessons of deepened love for God and others, pushing through challenges beyond comfortability, relying on God’s promises, and so much more.


“My first mission trip to Haiti in 2014 was where I experienced a love that crosses all borders, cultures, races, and traditions. I continued to travel to Haiti eight other times where I saw how God can use relationships to share the Gospel. Throughout my time in Haiti, I have watched children grow into teenagers who are following after Jesus,” Alicia said. “I traveled to Indonesia in 2016 where I saw the Lord literally multiply craft supplies so that we could have enough materials to minister in a school for Islamic children. On that trip, I learned to prepare and then to expect God to provide in miraculous ways. In 2018 I traveled with The Awakening to Costa Rica where God showed me how He uses short-term mission teams to help the long-term missionaries establish, grow, and facilitate life-time kingdom relationships. In 2019, when I traveled to Kenya, I saw national leaders empowered and sent out into their own communities to make an impact. This taught me the importance of equipping leaders to expand God’s kingdom.”


Upon raising all necessary funds, the Dunlaps plan to serve in Kenya for a year, learning from experienced, long-term IPHC missionaries how they run their ministry training programs, girl’s and women’s ministries, and their agricultural programs. Then, it is their hope to transition to Uganda to help build ministries there.


As they transition to Kenya, the Dunlaps are expectant to see the Lord use them in mighty ways. Chris carries a passion and desire to teach and train national leaders to be the most effective witnesses of the Gospel they can be to their people groups, as well as a desire to empower and equip leaders through Biblical training and practical skills such as finance and agriculture. In tandem, Alicia is passionate about meeting individuals right where they are: in their successes and brokenness, victories and their pain. She desires to empower people to pursue their talents and passions while helping them connect that to a calling from God. Collectively, the two hope to see the Lord use them in the discipleship and mentorship of a generation, to mend relationships, and to effectively lead leaders.


“Missions has shown me that I can never out-give God and that God is still working beyond what I can comprehend and envision,” Chris said.

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 - by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

"I count myself blessed—in the honest sense of the word—to have known Chris through several seasons now. From youth group kid to college student RA to newly-wed husband to full blown missionary, watching Chris transform through the years has been a chief and thorough happiness of mine. His devotion to the Missio Dei is real. His love for people and for God’s Word is genuine. His obedience to be sent by the sending God is earnest. His partnership with the Holy Spirit and with his incredible wife, Alicia, is…well, let’s just say Satan would tuck tail and run if he knew what was good for him! Chris and Alicia are primed for launch. Their hearts are locked-in. Eyes and ears, open. Hands and feet, poised. Their ministry gifting and competency, versatile. I’m convinced that whatever the Lord sets their hands to do, Chris and Alicia will do it and live it without reservation. Be it agriculture or education, speaking or serving, leading or following, their work in the harvest fields will yield much increase for the Kingdom. Their lives will send tremors that rattle the enemy’s strongholds."

- Jon Campbell, Emmanuel College Staff of The Awakening

"In March of 2016, I had the privilege of meeting Alicia at a Great Commission Meal in Kingsport, Tenn. That day she spoke so passionately about her heart for missions, the Lord, and the people that are yet to hear the good news. It was also amazing to see her join our internship program on campus at Emmanuel College as well as pursue, alongside her boyfriend turned fiancé and now husband Chris, the Lord's purpose for their life and calling towards the Nations! We are looking forward to see the tremendous impact they will make as they serve the nations of the world."

- Max Barroso, Director of The Awakening

Interested In Missions?

Here's what the Dunlaps say:

"We would 100% say to take a jump of faith and go on a short-term trip. If you continue to feel called, continue going on short-term trips to different nations to learn about ministry around the world. Each trip will change the way you view God and ministry. Find your passion, and then connect with our leaders in the IPHC as they can help you to see how your passion connects to the work God is doing around the world."