Traditional Internship Back in Action

by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

September, for many, meant back to school. Similarly, for The Awakening it meant the return of students back into spaces of learning, ministry development opportunities, family nights of encouragement and fun, and expectations for God to do whatever He wants in the lives of all involved.


Every school year, at the campuses of both Southwestern Christian University (SCU) in Oklahoma and Emmanuel College (EC) in Georgia, it’s The Awakening’s honor, pleasure, and excitement to begin another round of the Traditional Internship. Like many of the programs offered by the ministry, the Traditional Internship aims to resource, disciple, and equip college students who have heard the Lord’s call to follow Him and are bravely answering with their own, “Here I am, send me.”


“Our Traditional Internship is a discipleship program in which we, the staff, consider it an honor to invest in each of their lives as they are each pursuing Jesus and His purposes and plans for their lives,” Madeline Nix, The Awakening’s Coordinator of Spiritual Formation and Development, said.


“I see the traditional internship as a training ground before students are propelled into their next season,” EC staff Ashlee Hafner added. “Whether that be full-time missions, ministry, or the marketplace, we desire for them to know who they are in Christ so they can do what He’s called them to do. Long-term, our hope is that this internship is the foundation where interns solidify their identity and grow in their giftings.”


This school year, The Awakening is excited to have a total of 25 interns, 14 at EC and 11 at SCU. And, though the internship has just begun, each location has already seen a strong desire from interns to go deeper in their walks with the Lord and for their peers to truly become family.


The Awakening staff in both locations also have strong expectations for this year’s internship participants and desire to see relationships continue to be built outside of required events and sessions, for interns to discover more about themselves and who God created them to be, and for the Lord to challenge them in areas of surrender, all as they laugh, share, and pray together.


“This year I am expecting to see God increase discernment and awareness of His presence in their lives, even in the mundane moments,” Nix said. “I believe that they will be conduits of God’s presence and will see His kingdom come in their normal, everyday lives; especially among their peers.”


 by Whitney Browning, Coordinator of PR and Communication

Reagan McCary – Emmanuel College Freshman and Awakening Traditional Intern

"This program has played a huge part in my life already because of the relationships I've built with the wonderful people. There is such a sense of accountability that the leaders bring, and for me it brings me such peace. I love love love this family and I couldn't ask to be a part of anything better!"