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Our internships take young leaders into a deep dive of practical training and hands-on experience both in national ministry and on the mission field. Throughout our internships, The Awakening interns are offered opportunities to serve in a variety of ways alongside IPHC leaders and missionaries, they are consistently poured into by our staff, and they get to experience first-hand what God is doing in this generation and around the world. Our interns are those who feel called to ministry. Our interns are leaders. Our interns are world changers who are being discipled to disciple more world changers!

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship, open to students from all around the world who have graduated high school or are 18 years of age or older, is designed to disciple, challenge, and encourage young adults to step out of their comfort zones and into their God-given callings. This two-month intensive program falls between the months of June and August and provides interns the opportunity to glean from various IPHC missionaries, ministry directors, and bishops during strategically scheduled interactive sessions. Throughout the summer, interns travel to at least three different countries, using their individual spiritual gifts and God-given talents and dreams, along with the practical ministry training they receive, to minister in a variety of ways.

Surrendering these two months of the summer to God, and being immersed in the constant exposure of spiritual mentorship and ministry opportunities, has proven to be an invaluable, life-changing experience for past summer interns. When most of these interns return home, they have a stronger sense of their God-given purposes in both the more broad, global context, and in their local context. Many have since taken on various ministry roles in their hometowns and around the world.

Every year we accept a maximum of 10 interns per location in order to have an intimate, small-group driven program where our staff can intentionally pour into every intern. You could be one of them. 

Summer Internship locations:

   · The Awakening Headquarters – Oklahoma

   · The Awakening International Base – Hungary

“Being part of The Awakening Summer Internship was a remarkable time for me. I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, but through it, God taught me His love and power in the everyday. During my internship I got to meet my sisters and brothers in Europe and Guatemala who are part of the IPHC, and God, once again, showed me how good He is. Even now, there is fruit from those two months that I invested and The Awakening invested in me. My confidence took a huge step ahead and I know that God has no limits and His power goes beyond all measure.”

-Adrian Perez, Summer Intern, 2017

Traditional Internship

The Traditional Internship is offered to college students attending or living in close proximity to Emmanuel College and Southwestern Christian University. Each semester, fall and spring, interns are provided ministry training days where they get to interact with various ministry leaders all around the world, family nights where they grow together in the Lord, and opportunities to minister at different events and trips, all under a focus of one-on-one discipleship. The traditional internship, just like The Awakening as a whole, is all about family and walking through life together as a generation of world-changers continues to be  equipped and sent.

Throughout the internship, interns have direct accessibility to our staff. Our internship staff at both locations are dedicated to discipleship and leadership training, continually giving of themselves in order to serve our traditional interns and journey alongside them as they pursue Jesus.

Each year a maximum of 20 interns are accepted per location, and each year we focus on building relationships, encouraging spiritual growth , and allowing students to gain experience in their gifts and what they are learning. 

Traditional Internship Locations: 

Southwestern Christian University – Oklahoma

Emmanuel College – Georgia

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