Our Program

       Our Summer Internship is a two-month intensive program for young adults who are called to ministry and want to sharpen their skills. Based out of Oklahoma City, the Summer Internship takes participants across the US and around the world ministering to the least, the last and the lost! Summer interns are given the opportunity to be discipled and trained by top ministry leaders within the IPHC, as well as the chance to experience different facets of ministry firsthand!

Since the program began in 2013, each class of interns has experienced remarkable spiritual growth, sharpening of ministry skills, and a renewed focus on God’s calling for their lives.

If you or someone you may know in your church or conference would benefit from this program, please let us know!

For me the internship was really about God showing me over and over again, everything isn't about me. I'm here to give and to serve. When I realized that, He was able to use me to love people, but even more, He was able to open me up to the plans that He has for me. He showed me I can serve and enjoy doing things out of my comfort zone that are His idea; not necessarily what I would pick--emptying me so He can replace it with Himself and His plans.

-Elizabeth Lane, Summer Intern, 2016

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