We would absolutely love for you to join us on one of our teams!! We believe that when you are given the chance to serve others around the world, your life will never be the same! Since its inception in 2009, The Awakening has led teams to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Australia, Haiti, Hungary, Wales, Belgium, Romania, and the Netherlands. Whether you are a student or student pastor, we want to give you that opportunity. The Awakening can help you find a spot on one of our open teams or design a team for your own group!

Open Teams

Our “open teams” provide opportunities to anyone who desires to join us and serve!

In each location, we connect with and serve local IPHC churches and communities with a goal to support and encourage their on-going ministry. It’s amazing to see how God can take a group of people who have never met before, unite them by His Spirit, and use them to make a difference in the lives of the people with whom they come into contact!

Upcoming Open Teams

  • Kenya

    June 12-21, 2018

    In Kenya, Africa we will be working alongside career IPHC missionaries and we will be serving them in multiple different capacities while pouring out the love of God on the beautiful people of this nation.

  • Mexico

    June 12-21, 2018

    Our mission trip to Mexico will include local church and community ministry, various work projects, as well as helping to connect people to existing IPHC churches that can continue to serve them long after we are gone. We will be sharing the gospel through preaching, teaching, music, and drama all while loving on every person we come into contact with.

Custom Teams

If you are a student pastor or leader and don't know the first thing about planning and leading a mission trip, don't worry! Just let us know. We would be happy to help you build a team from the ground up and lead your group on a life-changing adventure!

The people that I had the privilege to meet in Costa Rica reminded me of my passion for missions. Our team traveled to Costa Rica to serve their people, when ultimately they are the ones who served us. I am thankful for broken Spanish and broken English because somewhere in between, the brokenness is mended. There are no language barriers in the Kingdom of God.

-Kalie Richardson, Costa Rica 2016

Join a team!

If you would like to be part of one of The Awakening's mission teams, we

would be happy to help you find the trip that best fits you. Click below to let us know!