Have you been asking God for an opportunity to get involved in missions, serve the global church, and follow Him outside your comfort zone? Are you ready to answer God with a "Here am I, send me!", or take a team to minister in a country other than your own? We want to help! Since its inception in 2009, The Awakening has led what we call open teams and custom teams to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Australia, Haiti, Hungary, Wales, Belgium, Romania, and the Netherlands. Whether you are a student who's ready to serve cross-culturally or a student pastor who is ready to see what God will do in the lives of your youth over a week's time, we'll help get you there!

Upcoming Open Teams

  • Hungary

    June 15-23, 2019

    Over the years Hungary has become a second home for the Awakening. What we now call The Awakening International Base used to be the home of missionary couple Linda and David Fannin. After a series of transitions, our second home became one of The Awakening’s permanent residences as well as a training base for leaders from all over the world. This has been a wild adventure and one we are inviting you to join us on this summer! In just a year and a half, the staff at the base has gotten plugged into the community around them and has gotten to know the Hungarian people in a new and wonderful way. Through ministries like TAB Coffee House, English Club, various community outreaches, and local church ministry, we have come to deeply love and carry a burden to see Jesus be made known in this nation and we want you to be part of it!

    By joining us in Hungary, you will embark on a journey alongside the missionaries serving at our International Base. You will work with local IPHC congregations, lead a VBS program, assist with a church plant among the gypsy community, and simply share King Jesus with everyone you come into contact with! We can't wait to see what God orchestrates in Hungary and we can't wait to see if He sends you on this journey with us! 

  • Haiti

    June 18-26, 2019

    Imagine flying over the luxurious beaches of Miami straight to mud houses, shakes, and shipping container homes situated in Haiti. Imagine long days out in the blazing sun where you retreat at night to small bunk beds covered in mosquito nets and no air conditioning. But then, as you start to look around, you see a strong and beautiful people group who smile and sing as they walk down the street carrying jugs of water on their heads, you see shoeless children waving at you and wanting nothing more than to spend just a few minutes playing with you, you see people who might not have much but still manage to fight and live, rebuilding their country one day at a time. When our team looks around in Haiti we imagine more. We realize the great opportunity we have to share Jesus with the people and see His love, His joy, and His strength completely overwhelm them! 

    If you join us in Haiti, you'll get to experience it first-hand. As we spend our days doing ministry in the local community and church, helping with various work projects, and visiting our IPHC schools, you'll get to be part of sharing the gospel through preaching, teaching, music, and drama, all while loving on every person we come into contact with! Imagine bringing hope, joy, and peace into a country. Imagine being part of a week submerged in what God is doing there! Join us in Haiti!

Custom Teams

If you’re a student pastor or leader desiring to take your students on a mission trip but don’t know where to begin, we would love to help design a trip that caters to your group. Our connections to the global church allow us to offer various locations where teams can be influential in supporting and encouraging IPHC ministers and leaders in their on-going ministries. Once a location is chosen, we will help your team get there. And, once on the ground, we will lead the team, allowing the pastor or leader to spend the week intentionally pouring into their students. All you have to worry about is fundraising and we take care of the rest.

Open Teams

Each year we organize two open teams. These teams provide opportunities for individuals desiring to join us on a trip, but aren’t part of a custom team, to do so. Due to the nature of open teams, members often meet each other for the first time on a connecting flight or upon arrival. It’s amazing how God can take a group of people who have never met before, unite them by His Spirit, and use them to make a difference in the lives of the people with whom they come into contact!

The people that I had the privilege to meet in Costa Rica reminded me of my passion for missions. Our team traveled to Costa Rica to serve their people, when ultimately they are the ones who served us. I am thankful for broken Spanish and broken English because somewhere in between, the brokenness is mended. There are no language barriers in the Kingdom of God.

-Kalie Richardson, Costa Rica

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