Indigenous leadership. It's in our blood, in our bones, in our DNA. It's down deep in our hearts.

Native Leader is our global leaders initiative that serves as a forum for youth leaders to express their thoughts, share their knowledge, and connect with other leaders from around the world.

It's our goal to serve a generation of youth and young adult leaders across the globe by equipping them with the best resources we can find. We just so happen to think that IPHC leaders have a thing or two to share with one another and it's our heart to make that happen in the most effective and efficient way possible.

What to Expect

At, you will find blog posts full of

  • sermon ideas,
  • leadership tools,
  • devotions,
  • interviews with ministry leaders,
  • and tons of other resources,

all contributed by the IPHC's very own to help you be the best leader you can be!


Native Leader REWIND

Take a look at our newest Native Leader resource. This is a collection of some of 2015's most viewed articles in an easy-to-read ebook.