In 2011, The Awakening began planning an event like nothing we'd ever dreamed. With a heart to see emerging leaders from across Europe come together in worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship, EuroQuest was born! We hosted our first event in Vajta, Hungary in 2012 and have been returning there every other year since. EuroQuest now welcomes attendees from over 9 different countries! 


Dates: August 23-28, 2021

Location: Vajta, Hungary

Airport: Budapest, Hungary

             Arrive: August 12 or before 11am on Tuesday, July 14

             Depart: August 28 after 4pm


             Dorm Style: 95 EUR (*110 EUR after May 15)

             Suite (Private Room): 110 EUR  (*125 after May 15)

EuroQuest Registration

The registration process for Euroquest has two steps:

1) Complete the registration from below. Once sent, a confirmation page will pop up very quickly to confirm your form was submitted correctly and received.

2)  Submit your payment as follows:

Account holder: International Christian Fellowship Foundation

Account holder's address: 2310 Szigetszentmiklos, 5 Csokonai Str.

IBAN nr.: HU70 1170 5008 2043 5435 0000 0000


Bank name: OTP Bank

Bank address: 1051 Budapest, József Nádor ter 11., Hungary

For any questions or for more information contact our team at euroquest@goawakening.org

EuroQuest is designed especially for young people from all across Europe! While volunteers and speakers from around the world join us each event, our heart is to provide a forum for emerging European leaders to network, fellowship, and dream together about what God can do on this beautiful continent. If you are interested in being a part of EQ 2018, let us know!

EQ connects people and ministries who wouldn't connect without EQ! New relationships are formed, and existing ones are deepened. Ministry in Europe is highly relationship focused, and we will simply not reach Europe without unity among us!

-Krisztina Révész , EQ Leadership Team