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Our projects cultivate the heart of The Awakening through giving this generation the opportunity to walk in their calling while also meeting the needs of local communities. Our campuses and bases around the globe are operated by our staff and missionaries, while joining with the local ministry leaders to collaborate for the sake of serving a particular region. Through supporting these projects, there an opportunity to invest in these amazing bases and campuses across the globe.


    Our International Bases operate as on-the-ground, ongoing training centers throughout the world. These ministry hubs are gathering spots for young adults longing to go beyond seasonal ministry experience and commit to daily ministry in their respective regions. 


  • International Base - hungary

    The International Base was started in October 2017 in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary. Through the base, our passion and vision is to see young people from all around the world strengthened in their faith, trained for ministry and sent out to reach the nations. Flowing from the base are multiple ministries including opportunities for ministry trips, TAB Coffeehouse, an English Club, a Summer Internship and more.



    The International Base in Chile will be launching in Fall 2021. We are so pumped to see young people from across this region strengthened in their faith and walk in the fullness of their calling. In Santiago, we desire for those who go to the base to have the opportunity to grow in their ministry leadership, while also engaging in the local community to share the gospel in every possible way.



    The International Base South Africa will be launching in Summer 2021. We are so excited for our team that is preparing to go and make a great impact across the continent of Africa! 


  • the awakening church - santiago

    The Awakening Church Santiago is a life-giving church in this beautiful nation! This church is deeply anchored in the global DNA and doctrine of the IPHC family, yet extremely engaged and relevant in today's society. Our pastoral team is committed to lead by example in worship, discipleship, and sending. God's mission in our community and to the ends of the earth is at the forefront of our mind and we know that the best is yet to come!


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